Andrea Vaghi

+39 328 9392071

Via Campagna, 59
San Rocco al Porto

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Front End Engineer

@ Jobrapido
Milano, IT

Actually working in the Big Data team, developing a tracking library and helping moving the architecture onto Google Cloud Platform

In the past i've worked with everything related with the front end of the website: Angular app, Handlebars views for Struts, SASS project

Introduced usage of Node.js to develop microservices for page components

Front End Developer

Milano, IT

Create static version of front end templates for big brands clients in a creative agency using all the best technologies: Javascript (jQuery, Underscore), CSS (LESS), HTML and Handlebars templating, Slim PHP for REST APIs. Also a little bit of Wordpress

Web Developer

@ Damsol
Lodi, IT

Create websites for little brands. Completely custom CMS made in PHP and MySQL, custom layout with HTML, CSS and jQuery


Corso di Laurea in Sicurezza dei Sistemi e delle Reti Informatiche

Università degli Studi
Milano, IT

Corso di Linguaggi di Programmazione per il Web (PHP, Java)

Galgano Informatica
Milano, IT

Diploma di Maturità Classica

Liceo Classico Pietro Verri
Lodi, IT


Technical Skills

Expert knowledge of the front end stack: JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Experience with JavaScript frameworks: AngularJS, React, Ember, Meteor

Daily use of TDD techniques using Mocha, Chai and Sinon

Experience with HTML template engine: Handlebars

Experience with CSS preprocessors: SASS and LESS

Experience with task runner and build tools: Grunt, Webpack, Rollup

Expert knowledge of tracking and ads platform: Google Tag Manager and Doubleclick for Publishers

Expert knowledge of Git

Experience with the Atlassian suite: Jira, Bitbucket and using Pipelines and Bamboo for build and deployment.

Good confidence with the Terminal shell

Good knowledge of back end JavaScript with NodeJS and Express

Basic knowledge of Java and PHP, with good knowledge of the MVC stack of frameworks like Struts and Symfony

Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases: MySQL and MongoDB

Soft Skills

Good approach to the project management, good autonomy in making decisions

Experience with Agile development: Scrum and Kanban

Good listener with a proactive attitude

Good approach and positive attitude towards new technolgies


Passionate traveller, i prefer remote places especially northern countries. I've been everywhere in Europe, sometimes jumping on the first available transportation without particular schedule. I'm crazy about maps, i've the planisphere tattoed on my forearm.

Musician and music lover. I play guitar and i've played piano for years. I listen to a lot of music (last year Spotify told me that i've listened to almost 600 different artists)

Proud to be an ex-smoker, without any program. It takes guts to quit a bad habit and i'm proud enough to add it as a point of honor in my resume!

If you like to know on what i'm focused at the moment, you can watch here (